About Us

What Should I Know About Lithia?

The first thing you should know about Lithia is that we're dedicated to satisfying you. This is true from the moment we hand you the keys to your new or used vehicle, all the way to 250,000 kilometres (or more) down the road when you might finally decide to let go of your much loved vehicle for something else.

To complement our stellar collection of automobiles, our state-of-the-art auto repair centres are dedicated to keeping your vehicle young at heart until the day you decide to retire it.

At the foundation of Lithia is a desire to bring drivers an assortment of new and used vehicles capable of transforming everyday commutes into something a little more extraordinary.

And, of course, we wouldn't be complete without our excellent, in-house teams of car financing specialists at each Lithia dealership. More than just being good with maths, they're good with people; which makes for a zero-stress auto financing experience.

Lithia's mission of Growth Powered by People guides us to provide transportation solutions wherever, whenever and however our consumer's desire.

Walt DeBoer founded Lithia Motors in 1946 as a Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge dealership in Ashland, Oregon. In December 1996, Walt's son Sid DeBoer transformed 5 stores and 19 franchises into Lithia Motors, Inc., a publicly traded company (NYSE stock symbol-LAD). He envisioned a company that would continuously grow, provide great customer service, and opportunities for employees.

Lithia is a leading provider of personal transportation solutions in North America and is among the fastest-growing companies in the Fortune 500. We provide a wide array of products and services throughout our consumer's vehicle ownership experience.  We strive to create simple and transparent transportation solutions wherever, whenever, and however consumers desire.

If you have any concerns or would like to provide us with some feedback please let us know at lithiacares.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.