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How Do You Get the Best Trade-In Value?

To make sure you get the best possible trade-in value, keeping your car in the best condition is one of the biggest factors when trying to receive the largest valuation. Aside from how great your car looks inside and out, the actual make, model, trim, age, mileage of your car and added accessories will influence the value of your car. Also, keep in mind that the value of your trade-in can fluctuate as the car market conditions change as well as what zip code you are located in.

Should I Trade-In or Sell My Car?

When you trade-in your car at the dealership you wish to purchase from, you benefit from the seamless process by handling everything in one place. Instead of the hassle of scheduling multiple appointments with potential buyers not knowing if they’ll agree to purchase, a trade-in tool like this one provides convenience and confidence you’ll get a good value for your older vehicle.

Do Dealerships Give Cash for Trade-ins?

Yes. Trading-in your car is an easy way to get some of the much-needed cash, even if you have no plans to buy another vehicle. Car dealerships always need to restock their used car inventories and definitely consider trade-ins to help replenish their stock.

Begin the process by getting an accurate trade-in valuation by using our easy trade-in tool or by getting in touch with one of our many different Lithia Dealership locations near you ! As always, please reach out if you have any questions along the way.

Should I trade in used car for another used car?

Few things are as exciting as getting a new car, or a car that’s new to you. With better car building technology today, used cars can last a lot longer than they once did. It’s not uncommon to keep driving a good used car over 200,000 miles. Why should you consider trading in your car for another used car? Let’s take a look at a few good reasons.

Trading for used can save you money

If you’re trading in a car that has high miles or is over five years old, trading in for a newer used car that is in better shape is an economical way to go. Trading in your car for a used car over a new one can save you in a number of ways. First, you’ll minimize depreciation. New cars generally depreciate in value once they are driven off the car dealer’s lot. You can avoid that loss by trading in your used car for a car that is just a few years old.

By buying a car that is two or three years old, you are still driving a car that is “like new” without suffering the major loss of depreciation. In fact, you can buy the car, drive it a few years, and sell it with little loss in equity, depending on your personal finance situation. Depreciation flattens out once a car is around two years old and doesn’t dip again significantly until around year five. Buying a two-year-old vehicle and driving it for a couple of years before thinking of selling it might be the most cost-effective way to own a car.

Cheaper insurance and registration

One of the important factors in determining the cost of your car insurance is the value of the car. Since used cars have less value than new ones, the cost of your insurance will be less than if you buy new. Just like car insurance, the fee that your state charges you for registration of the vehicle is based on the car’s transaction price. The less you paid for the car, the less your registration fees will be.

You can drive a better car

This is a big plus for a lot of people. By trading in your car and buying a newer used car, you can afford to get a vehicle that you could not afford new. You stretch your car-buying dollar and can afford a two or three-year-old luxury car that fits your budget.

Also keep in mind that luxury cars are the first to be packed with more quality materials and the latest technology. We’re talking everything from rich leather heated seats, to the newest infotainment and driver assist features. Those tech features will still be fairly current for the next five years. You can drive a slightly used BMW on a new Ford budget.

Minimize the risk

Consumers used to feel that buying a used car was “buying someone else’s problems” but today you can minimize the risk by running a vehicle history report. At Lithia Motors, we have already done that for you. The vehicle report will let you know if the car you’re looking at has ever been in an accident, how many owners it has had and how well the car was serviced since new.

Another way to get a used car that is as close to new as possible is to trade your car to a dealership for a certified pre-owned car. These are high quality cars that are just a few years old that must pass an automaker’s strict standards and carry a guarantee against defects similar to a new car warranty. These like-new autos provide most of the amenities of a new car including warranties and preferred car loan interest rates.

Hit the road

Whether you’re looking to trade in your present car for new, used or certified-pre-owned, Lithia Motors has your back. Check our inventory of many thousands of quality cars to find the right vehicle for you. You’ll find the closest Lithia Motors dealer right here.

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